CH. M. Tufail

CH. M. Tufail (Justice of the Peace) (Member Board of Trustees, UK)

It is my privilege to express my views about Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital based at Lahore, Pakistan. GTTH started as the dream of Haji Muhammad Asghar Ghurki, it has passed through 12 years and grown into a one of the best tertiary care “Stateof- the Art” multi facility hospital of Lahore.

All members of the overseas Board of Trustees (Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Akhtar, Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khan, and Mr. Farrukh Tufail) and myself, congratulate the management and administration of the hospital for maintaining excellent standards of Health Care.

I also thank all the donors and philanthropists who have made valuable contribution to help the project grow and flourish.

Muhsin Bilal

Muhsin Bilal (Chairman)

As the Chairman of Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, it is of great importance and highly gratifying for me to know that GTTH has completed its 16 years of useful and serviceable existence. Now our hospital is widely known for its exemplary services. Now our hospital is widely known for its exemplary services, particularly in the field of Orthopaedics. We are striving to unburden the poor and non-affording ailing community regarding their health problem.

"Service to mankind is the essence of Islam"

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is a serviceable platform where medical treatment is free of cost for the poor and deserving patients. it is our foremost aim to constantly improve the quality of medical services. During the years we have tried our best to set up such standards that bring about confidence among the patient visiting the hospital.

Philanthropists (Donors) of Ghurki Trust have been very committed & dedicated for contribution & meeting the exceeding needs of hospital through the years. therefore, we are immensely grateful for the help and trust that our donors have bestowed on us as it seemed impossible without their help and support.

The Board of Trustees express their gratitude to Ch. Khalid Javed Ghurki (Late), Haji Muhammad Iqbal Ghurki (Late), Ch. Mushtaq Ghurki (Late) and Hafiz Saif ud Din (Late) for their untiring efforts and contributions in initiating and bringing up this project. However, by the grace of the Allah Almighty completion of Spine Centre in hospital is a proof enough for our commitment towards the advancement and further improvement of the institution.

I hope and pray the institution keeps on progressing and also fulfills its purpose for all the years to come.(Ameen) (Ameen)

Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi Founder President Edhi Foundation

It gives me great pleasure to express that Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital (GTTH) whose foundation stone I laid 18 years back is serving the humanity at the national level. The Board of Trustees and the Administration of GTTH deserve all praise and appreciation for this.

In the disturbed era of today, serving the humanity is the way to lessen the misery of the destitute and needy. By this service we can also win the blessings of Allah Almighty because Islam lays a lot of stress upon the service and rights of brotherhood.

In the end I would like to appreciate and congratulate the efforts of GTTH and the Administration of the hospital for running this hospital most successfully and satisfactorily.

Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz

 Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz (Member Board of Trustees, PAK) Head of Orthopaedic department GTTH)

Alhamdolillah: By Allah's Grace and with the help of sincere friends and supporters of Spine Center in Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital has progressed by leaps and bounds in its first year. The workload has doubled already. Our MRI and CT scan machines (both brand new) have started functioning. Spinal cord monitoring machine has also arrived and ready to start. 

Our center has been recongnized by AO spine international as a spine training center in the middle east and fellows from Nigeria, West Indies, Nepal, Philippines and Saudi Arabia have been trained. Local trainees are flocking in to get hands on training. Our consultants are now on the AO international faculty conducting / chairing AO courses abroad including the most prestigious Davos Switzerland course.

As we serve, the workload will multiply In-Sha-Allah. Our role model is SIUT Karachi and we wish to serve all patients totally free. Allah will take us there and we would need all the support of our philanthropists especially from lahore. If it can be done in karachi surely "Lhore Lhore a" !!!! Come test our claims and if we prove equal to the task support us. Allah Hafiz

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