General Anesthesia in progress

Anesthesia Department has been appropriately expanded to meet the growing demands of surgical and medical departments.

The basic purpose of providing pain free and relaxed atmosphere for a surgery is the core responsibility of the department.

The 60 member staff of the department is available round the clock to provide this service to the patients and a helping hand to the surgeons.

Besides the ICU is also being supervised by a senior registrar for providing excellent service to the patients. The department provides cover to the surgical units, gynae units, orthopaedic units, accident emergency unit and the medical units as well. All types of advanced surgeries are being carried out under the umbrella of the anesthesia department.

The Anaesthesia department provides full time cover in General Operation Theatre, Orthopaedic Theaters, Gynaecology and Obstetrical Theatre and Accidental and Emergency. All kinds of surgical procedures are being done under the umbrella of Anaesthesia Department.

It takes pride in managing the 18 bed ICU and Post Operative recovery rooms.


Prof. Dr. Syed Taifur-ul-Islam Gilani (DIBA)
Dr. Muhammad Aslam (Associate Professor)
Dr. Yahya Saeed (Associate Professor)
Dr. Iram Alia, (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Aslam Manzoor (Sr. Registrar)
Dr. Munir Ahmad (Sr. Registrar)
Dr. Muzamil Hussain (Sr. Registrar)
Dr. Badar Shahzad Malik (Sr. Registrar)
Dr. Muhammad Shafi (Sr. Registrar)
Dr. Khalid Khalique (Sr. Registrar)

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