Prof. Dr. M. Sarwar Bhatti MBBS,DTCD,M Phill,PhD Senior Consultant Pathologist

The hospital laboratory at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is working round the clock, providing the patients with routine and special laboratory investigations at a nominal cost as compared to the other major hospital/laboratories of the city.

It is our ambition to bring this laboratory at par with the other major labs of Lahore while providing the patients quality results at an affordable price.

at an affordable price. During the last two years considerable improvements have taken place in the pathology laboratory, some of which are as follows.

  1. “PCR” lab has been established with “State of Art” Real Time PCR equipment.
  2. Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer (ABG) has been installed to facilitate the Blood Gas Analysis.
  3. With the availability of ELISA equipment, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are now regularly performed on this machine. More over, most routine hormones like T3, T4, TSH, LH, FSH etc are also done by this method at much reduced price cost.
  5. Complete Blood Counts (CBC) are being performed on automated hematology analyzer which can perform up to 40 tests per hour.
  6. For routine chemistry there are two semi automated chemistry analyzers. A fully automated chemistry analyzer with a capacity of performing approximately 100 tests per hours.
  7. The long term demand for increased blood storage capacity has been met with the purchase of large blood bank refrigerator having capacity of 350 bags.
  8. Electrolytes are being performed on our new electrolyte analyzer.
  9. The laboratory has purchased new routine general items like microscopes, centrifuges, automatic pipettes and water baths.
  10. Work space of laboratory has almost been tripled with separate phlebotomy, special chemistry, blood bank and hematology sections.

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