Color Doppler

Radiology department is the back bone of the diagnostic setup. Department is headed by Prof. Dr. Javaid Asghar.

Diagnostic wing of any hospital is considered among the most vital in any medical set up because it is the one which facilitates Surgeons, Physicians and Gynecologists, in short all consultants to take decisions regarding management of the patients. Radiology department of Ghurki Trust Hospital is certainly at its required strive to achieve this goal.

High tech CT scanner of the hospital provides round the clock service to emergency patients.

Patients with road traffic accidents especially with head injuries need this test on urgent basis. Other major use of this equipment is diagnosis of cancers anywhere in the body and in patients with strokes.

Two high tech Color Doppler machine is a new addition in this hospital. With this new equipment, diagnosis of complicated diseases has become possible with a definite improvement in treatment plans. Fluoroscopyunit is helpful in doing routine and important procedures ERCP, PTC, HSG, Barium studies, Myelography, Sialography e.t.c.

The provision of the above advanced facilities at meager cost is a great blessing for the residents of the area as they don’t have to travel long distances now for getting these facilities.

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